Sunrise on Lugnaquilla

Back in 2014, HomeLink, the Bray based charity which provides a phone call and basic maintenance support for older people in their homes, completed their very successful third series of ‘The Sunrise on Lugnaquilla Walk for Transition Year Students’.

This TY programme has the following benefits for TY students:

  • Creates awareness of the benefits of exercise. 
  • Increases their geographical knowledge of their area.
  • Team building – the walk is conducted as a group.
  • Social Awareness – how their efforts are helping others.
  • Reinforce friendships / forge new ones

We battled storms, snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures and plenty of rain. In fact we encountered everything that Lugnaquilla, the highest mountain in Leinster, challenged us with, and all usually on the same night!

These hikes are available from October to April annually. Each student raised €100 which goes towards the support of HomeLink, the accommodation and guided walk, plus complimentary t-shirt and baseball hat with LED light for night time trekking. There is no need for the teaching staff to accompany the walks unless it is school policy as the walk is guided by Glen of Imaal mountain guides and energetic HomeLink personnel.  

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