Lugnaquilla Hike 2014
photographs Pres Bray

A HUGE thank-you goes to the boys and to the guides and chaperones who battled through cold and blizzard

We have below just a very few of the photos from 2014 for the Pres Bray boys.  Blame the snow and a damp camera for the poor quality.

The images below show (probably, who can tell) the students and chaperones, still cheerful (mostly), even though it was too cold for the Sun to come out and play.

The Pres Bray boys went up in the early hours of 26th March. It was a very cold morning, with a snow blizzard on the way up. The boys made it up in 2 hours (felt like we were jogging in places) and it was a very chilly minus 5 on the top. 17 pupils, and 5 adults (and 2 dogs) accompanied. The sun came out on the way back to the hostel giving the boys an opportunity to appreciate the scenery. No talking in the Dining Room as the hearty breakfast was consumed (demolished) and the boys snoozed their way back to Bray.

Cold ? You bet. Snowing ? We have photographic proof.

Trust me - Pres Bray boys are out there somewhere !

Here we are !

Next time wipe the lens.

Next time, keep the camera somewhere warm and DRY !

Pres Bray boys - been there, done that, going home.

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