Lugnaquilla Hike 2014
photographs Loreto Girls

A HUGE thank-you goes to the girls and to the guides and chaperones who battled through soggy conditions and mist.

We have below just a few of the photos from 2014 for Loreto Girls.  Just think how fortunate the photographers were, not to have to worry about too much light from all that bright sunlight.

The images below shows the students and chaperones, still cheerful (mostly), even though it was too cold for the Sun to come out and play.

The Loreto Bray girls went up on April 2nd. We had fun in the hostel before the climb before settling down to some well deserved and necessary sleep. The group tackled Camara Hill with great determination and vowed that nothing else they encountered on the Hill would be as bad! The going was very wet underfoot as the temperatures had risen and all that snow had to go somewhere! We all got to the top where we could rest for 20 minutes as it was not as cold as before. Unfortunately a thick mist had descended and we had to keep each other in our sights, but this cleared on the way down to give the girls some stunning views. A silent coach made its way back to Bray after a much needed bit of sustenance! 21 girls, 4 adults and only the 1 determined dog accompanied!

Let's get going ...

At the top ...

Misty !

Next time use the FLASH.

Climb every mountain.

And it seemed like such a good idea.

Homeward bound ...

Cold ? Not too bad, but soggy going.

Going home.

No souvenirs, PLEASE !

Never should have had that second Irish coffee - now I'm seeing double.

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