Lugnaquilla Hike 2014
photographs DALKEY Girls

A HUGE thank-you goes to the girls  and to the guides and chaperones who battled through snow and sleet and rain (you are all now eligible to become postal delivery workers !).  Your efforts are GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you.

We have below quite a few of the photos from 2014 for Dalkey Girls.  Just think how fortunate the photographers were, not to have to worry about too much light from all that bright sunlight.

The images below shows the students and chaperones, still cheerful (mostly), even though it was too cold for the Sun to come out and play.

The Dalkey girls went up on Thursday morning 28th March. It was positively alpine on the way up and all of the surrounding mountains were snow capped. At the last incline the snow was 6 inches deep with some snowdrifts up to two feet!! It was a complete whiteout at the top with sky and mountain merging into each other. We all made it to the top but didn’t linger long owing to the minus 7 conditions! The sky cleared and the sun came out on the way down and the scenery was breathtaking. Everyone galloped for the showers on our return to the hostel before sitting down to a hearty cooked breakfast. The girls climbed onto the coach for the return journey and sank into a sleepy oblivion!! 22 girls, 5 adults and 3 dogs accompanied!

We're off to see the sunrise ...

Nobody can keep ME in the dark.

Here we are, at the top - now where's that Sun we were promised ...

Cold ? No Way.

Let's build a snowman !

There's a sunrise somewhere out there !

I wanna know what's in that flask.

How did I get talked into this ?

Yes that is ice on my hair - does hair get frostbite ?

Ahh - so pretty, so cold.

Nice doggy, but what we really wanted was a St. Bernard.

It's downhill all the way ...

Where did everyone go ?

Dogs are so trusting !

We DID it !  Now, please, can we go home ?


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