Lugnaquilla Hike 2013

A HUGE thank-you goes to the girls (and two brave lads) and to the guides and chaperones who battled through snow and sleet and rain (you are all now eligible to become postal delivery workers !).  Your efforts are GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you.

We have below just a few of the photos from 2013.  Just think how fortunate the photographers were, not to have to worry about too much light from all that bright sunlight.

The images below shows the students, still cheerful (mostly), even though it was too cold for the Sun to come out and play.

Ha ! Who said it was hard to climb mountains ?

Let's build a snowman !

There's a sunrise somewhere out there !

Mist ? What mist.  Hey, we're over here !

We've been had !

And it seemed like such a good idea.

Going home.

We DID it !  Now, please, can we go home ?

Loreto Bray

Loreto Bray

Loreto Dalkey and Presentation Bray

Loreto Dalkey

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