Lugnaquilla Transition Year
Sunrise Hike 2013

Lug sunrise, 2012.

This is what SHOULD have happened - Sunrise on Lug, 2012.

T.Y Lugnaquilla Hike:The Beginning

The Idea of The Lugnaquilla Hike began in 2010 when employees of HomeLink decided to scale the mountain to a) get a feel for it and b) to see if it was possible to do with students. The results were positive. The next port of call was to drum up interest for it. This was done by going from school to school planting the idea into Transition Year Students heads.

As HomeLink is a charity based organisation, students that were partaking in the Climb were asked to raise €100 each for HomeLink. The schools involved were Loreto Bray, Loreto Dalkey and Presentation College Bray.

Lugnaquilla when translated from Gaelic means "hollow of the wood".

Lugnaquilla is a 3,035ft Mountain. It is situated in Co. Wicklow Ireland. It is the highest peak in Leinster and also the thirteenth highest peak in Ireland.

Lugnaquilla is a bulky mountain, with a large plateau-type summit, which is great for catching the sunrise.  It is a 7km hike, which takes about 3 hours to go up (in the dark, mind you), and 2 to come down, after spending 30 minutes in the chilly dawn for the sun to appear.

The walks took place over a 6 week period in March / April this year. We battled storms, snow, ice, minus temperatures and plenty of rain. In fact we encountered everything that Lugnaquilla, the highest mountain in Leinster, challenged us with, and all usually on the same night! Twice the hikes had to be cancelled and rescheduled.

We went up the mountain 4 times, with a total of about 110 students.  Each time the students were accompanied by 5 adults, from HomeLink, the teaching staff, and Lugnaquilla guides. Unfortunately, the splendour of a magnificent sunrise was denied to all, as they were presented with clouds, mist, snow, and rain.  Regardless, they all felt that the hike was worth it and felt a large measure of satisfaction on having accomplished a challenging task.  Although, if the sun could be organised to come up a LOT later, no-one would complain too much.

A very BIG thank you to all involved.

The image below shows the students, still cheerful, even though it was too cold for the Sun to come out and play.

What country are we in ?

What country are we in ?

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