Manager – Easi Access Transport CLG,
incorporating Easi-Cab Bray and Homelink Services.

Reporting to the Board of Directors

Purpose of the job

  • To work with the Chair to ensure that the Board of Directors formulate and regularlyreview the organisation's mission and strategic plan; to ensure it is able to monitor annual plans and targets.
  • To be responsible for staff leadership, their management and the administration of the organisation in the execution of the Board of directors' policies.
  • To work with the Chair to ensure that the Board receives appropriate advice and information on all relevant matters and enable it to fulfil its governance responsibilities.

Principal tasks

1. Working with the Board:

  • Ensure appropriate presentation and reporting to the Board on the progress of the organisation and on all matters relevant to the discharge of its responsibilities
  • As agreed with the Chair, develop policy proposals for Board discussion and decision
  • Support the Chair in ensuring the continued engagement/involvement of all members of the Board
  • As appropriate, monitor and advise on the composition of the Board of directors its sub-committees and the process of self-assessment and development
  • Ensure an annual calendar of meetings of the Board and its principal sub- committees is in place
  • Draft Business Plans for our main funding source, Pobal, Financial Budgets and,
    in conjunction with the Fund-raiser, all grant applications for Board discussion and
  • Take a lead role in developing Easi-Access Transport CLG into a commercially
    viable entity and implementing an integrated fundraising strategy for the
    organisation, working with the current Fund-Raising Officer.

2. Leading and managing the organisation:

  • Ensure that a long term strategy is in place which can guide the organisation in achieving objectives.
  • Enable the organisation to articulate its corporate philosophy and value base;
    ensure that these are consistently applied across the organisation
  • Be responsible to the directors for the overall financial health of the organisation; ensuring that expenditure is controlled in line with budgets as approved by the Board
  • Ensure the organisation discharges its constitutional and legal obligations
  • Provide leadership to the senior management team, and keep under review and appraise the work of staff reporting directly to the chief executive. This includes the Homelink Maintenance Supervisor, the Homelink Call centre Supervisor and the Easi-Cab team leader and co-ordinator.
  • Ensure that the organisation has the resources (human, material and financial) to operate as effectively as possible
  • Establish and maintain an HR system which ensures leadership and maximisesthe potential of staff and is in keeping with the mission and values of the organisation

3. Promotion of the organisation

  • Maintain effective networks with all principal supporters and stakeholders,
    including Pobal, the main Funders, as well as other specialist transport providers
  • Seek opportunities to expand and promote the role of the organisation
  • Ensure the organisation is presented in an appropriate and professional manner
    to its stakeholders

Other tasks as Manager of Easicab

Day to Day areas of responsibility

  • Fulfill the role of Transport Manager.
  • Fulfill the role of Health & Safety Officer for the Organisation
  • Ensure optimization of Fleet use.
  • Direct supervision and reporting of all daily driver and fleet operations
  • Responsibility for Area budgets
  • Provide assistance to staff in the areas of Marketing, IT, tender applications,
    financial management as well as all Training & Development.

Staff Management

  • Ensure areas of responsibility are efficiently resourced with appropriately trained staff
  • To ensure that staff understand exactly what is required of them
  • To ensure that daily priorities are defined and reviewed throughout the day
  • To ensure any unexpected deviations are notified by staff pro-actively to customers and management where appropriate
  • Responsibility for all HR in areas of supervision. (Recruitment, Employee
    Relations, Training.)

Fleet Maintenance

  • Direct responsibility for fleet maintenance.
  • Ensure appropriate Insurance Cover, Vehicle Taxation and VRT exists at all times on all vehicles.
  • Responsibility for maintenance related 3 rd Party contracts, schedules and communications.
  • Complete Quarterly Fuel Rebate report.
  • Complete Monthly KPI report on fleet maintenance

Liaising with Key personnel daily to ensure a smoothly run services.

  • Liaising with Customers to ensure highest service levels
  • Assist in the compilation of a Monthly KPI Report encapsulating service levels and initiatives to drive improvements and reduce costs
  • Reporting immediately to the Chair issues that could seriously affect operations (health and safety, identifiable business risks etc.)
  • Ensuring compliance with all statutory guidelines and legislation which have relevance to the company

Services Delivery Responsibility

Area of responsibility

  • Support the direct Supervision of Call Centre staff and activities
  • Pricing of all services delivered including Minibus service, maintenance services etc.
  • To take primary responsibility for Customer Complaints and along with the PR/Media Manager, oversee all Social Media activities along with the PR Officer.
  • Marketing, HR including Recruitment, Employee Relations, and Training & Development.

Staff Management

  • To ensure that staff understand exactly what is required of them
  • To ensure that daily priorities are defined and reviewed throughout the day